Tree Service Waterbury CT

Trees are a crucial part of our ecosystem. Thus, as responsible citizens of the earth, we should try our best to protect them. Our tree service company diligently serves to help you and the community remain safe and healthy by providing a range of tree grooming services.

Our tree services range from tree removal to stump grinding and everything in between.

Our primary focus is safeguarding our environment from diseased trees and the damage it can cause. We deeply respect and value nature- this is why we only go ahead with extreme options such as tree removal when it’s an absolute necessity.

Our agile and technologically advanced equipment combined with the team of hired professionals delivers a remarkable performance. We have a dedicated team of consumer services who are available around the clock to resolve any query you might have. 

Understand more about the services we have on offer here!

Customer Testimonials

Chloe H.

Due to heavy rainstorms, a lot of trees in my area had hanging or broken branches. My entire backyard was a mess. The branches were intertwined with the power lines, and hence, I decided to hire this tree removal service to clean up the mess. 

The professionals whom arrived a couple of hours later were well-prepared to handle the situation. It was impressive to see how effortlessly they cut down the hanging branches and cleared out the uprooted trees.

Noah C.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to redesign my backyard. However, it was impossible to continue until I got my tree stumps removed. After searching online for hours, I came across this tree removal service company. 

Their promising results and excellent consumer care immediately drew my attention. The very next day, a team of experts was sent to my place to remove the stump. The entire process took some time. Nevertheless, the result was nothing short of perfection.

Madison S.

It was already too late when I had finally noticed that the majestic oak tree behind my house was sick. It was infected with a rather common disease known as Oak wilt. I contacted this tree removal company, and they were kind enough to walk me through the entire process.

Unfortunately, it was too late to save the tree- so we decided to cut it down to stop further infection. I had a pleasant experience with this company, and I highly recommend it.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is a tedious task. However, this doesn’t undermine its relevance in multiple situations. Most people don’t realize this, but sometimes keeping a tree that’s infected or damaged can cause more harm than good.

We understand the extreme length of this task, and that’s why we don’t suggest it until it’s deemed an absolute necessity. Our tree surgeons check out the tree and evaluate if it can be saved or not. Then we continue with the tree removal service.

To carry out our tree removal service properly, our professionals heed to all the safety precautions. This protects both parties involved in the task. We ensure the experts have sufficient practical experience before we hire them. 

We are also well prepared to handle emergency tree services such as branch/ tree removal after natural calamities such as storm, earthquakes, and so on. We will send our emergency group of professionals who have the required experience needed to deal with such situations. 

To cut down a tree is one chore, but cleaning up the mess made after the tree removal is another tough chore to do. Luckily for you, we ensure we take care of this task from the start to the end. This means that you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after. After the process is completed, our tree removal service employees clear out the remaining debris.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming services have different beneficial uses for many purposes. For example, landscaping, increasing safety, maintaining the health of the tree, etc. We skillfully master in each of these situations to cater to your needs. 

Landscaping is an integral part of maintaining the physical appearance of your lawn or backyard. To improve your landscape, you will have to start taking care of your trees.

We have a separate team of experts, who can enhance your landscape by shaping through and trimming some trees. The tree trimming service we provide will also contribute to the healthy growth of the tree.

Occasionally, you will see that one or two branches of the tree can extend into your residential territory or intertwine with the power cables. In such cases, the branches can potentially damage your property, for instance, break a window, block your driveway, cause the electricity pole to fall, and more. Nonetheless, with our valuable tree trimming services, you can easily dodge such misfortunes.

 We regularly check-in with you and measure the growth of the branches. If our experts find it to be invasive, then an immediate tree trimming is done. 

Most of the time, complete tree removal can be avoided by regularly checking the tree and trimming it. If the disease has not yet been fully spread, it’s possible that we only cut the infected part of the tree so that the rest can healthily grow.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is yet another essential tree care service that is overlooked. However, maintaining a consistent schedule for tree pruning can prove to be medically advantageous for trees.

Our company deeply cares about trees, and thus aim to provide the best possible treatment for each tree in the ecosystem. To do this, we have realized the importance of maintaining a balance between nurture and nature. 

A common question many of our clients have is- When is the best time to start pruning the tree? 

According to our expertise, you can start pruning the trees when they are as young as saplings. This will lay the foundation of healthy, robust, and rational growth of trees in the upcoming years.

You can depend on our tree pruning services to deliver efficient pruning with the help of our updated and modern tools. 

Tree pruning can also lead to healthy root development. As relatively young trees, they have immense potential to grow, and we must push it in the right direction. Therefore, the powerful grip of roots in the soil will ensure that it is protected against heavy monsoon and harsh windy climate.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding services are widely prominent among people who want to enhance their landscape. The stump grinding professionals hired bit our company will effectively clear the stump from the region and also gives you tips on how to make your landscape better.

Stump grinding is an alternate option to stump removal. It is usually preferred for smaller trees that don’t have uncomplicated roots. 

The heavy-duty equipment used for stump grinding service has sharp blades fit in them that grind the stump into smaller bits. This equipment is powered by fuel, and it’s preferable smaller in size to provide manoeuvrability to our professionals.

Exposed stumps are habitual grounds for snakes, ants, bees, termites, and so on. They are safety hazards that can be avoided if you contact our tree service team to take care of this difficulty. 

We provide full flexibility to our clients to choose the day and time to decide when they want to do this. Our ever so punctual team will take care of this problem in a few hours, and leave your yard sparkly clean.

Stump Removal

Generally, you tend to forget that tree removal is only the first half of the job. To thoroughly complete the job, you need to solve the problem from the root. In this situation, it means removing the stump of the tree. 

Stump removal is advised for larger trees with extensive roots, as grinding it would be time-consuming. Our stump removal method gets the job so flawlessly that by the end of the process, you will find no traces of the stump at all. 

This is a massive relief for those of you who have a deep love for landscaping. Our stump removal service will ensure that these unwanted stumps will not get in your way of designing your landscape.

The heavyweight machines that we use drills deep into the ground and cuts off the stump at its root. Our experts have meticulously researched learned how to carefully cut off the deep, well-connected, and extensive roots without harming the surrounding trees or properties.

As we all know, the roots of the trees help to bind the soil. Hence, removing them will cause erosion. Our experts try their best to avoid topsoil erosion. That’s why our timely advice would plant a tree in the same region after the stump removal procedure is completed.

Emergency Tree Services

Nobody can honestly know the exact time a natural disaster can occur. However, we can predict it, try to prevent it, and prepare for it.

With years of hands-on experience, we have a specially trained team that can handle any type of emergencies.

The emergency tree services provided by us range from tree removal to stump grinding. Any tree-related service that you may require during the unfortunate times will be taken care of by our reputed tree service company.

When our professionals arrive on the scene, they immediately assess the situation, and according to their quick evaluation, further steps are taken.

In such a chaotic situation, you must try to remain calm. We provide full support to our clients during such circumstances and work diligently to relieve you from the stress. When our emergency tree services experts are on the field, they try their best to save the property from further damage too. 

You can depend upon the quality of service, equipment, and our efficacy to effortlessly deal with such an emergency crisis in a budget-friendly manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Tree?

The total cost of tree removal varies from one tree service firm to another. There is a myriad of factors which influence the prices of a tree removal service. 

They are- location, types of equipment required, size of the tree, any specific need from your end, etc. Furthermore, safety concerns and the total time to get the tree removal service done can also increase the expenditure.

Our tree removal services can range from $100 to upwards of $1000.

How Long Does it Take to Cut Down a Tree?

There is no definitive timeframe that can answer this question. This is because the time to cut down the tree entirely depends upon the surroundings, like the location and terrain.

It is easier to cut down in a vast empty area as it doesn’t endanger anyone or anything. However, in crowded places like cities, a lot of precautions should be taken. This can prolong the time duration.

Nonetheless, the estimated time taken to slash down a short tree is about 15-30 minutes. Larger trees and congested areas may take up to a couple days to fully remove the tree and clean up the surrounding area.

How Can You Tell if a Tree Needs to be Cut Down?

Cutting down a tree is an unfortunate and serious task. It cannot be done without proper planning and evaluation. However, it is the sad truth that some trees are beyond saving, and cutting them down would be the smartest thing to do. 

If the tree possesses a threat to your property or any public place, then it can be suitably trimmed or removed. Otherwise, if the trees start showings symptoms of highly infectious diseases, then it needs to be cut down.

Will Trimming Your Trees Increase Their Lifespan?

Grooming your tree is as vital as grooming yourself. Since plants cannot take care of themselves, it is our duty that we do it for them. Regular trimming ensures that it is uniformly shaped. 

This not only makes it look aesthetically pleasing but also nurtures its healthy growth. By trimming the tree, you can control the development of damaged parts and disease infected regions. This will potentially lead to an increase in their lifetime.